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Granite Stone Finishes - Lasting Impressions...


"We saved thousands of dollars on our kitchen counter and it looks just like granite!" - J. Wallace, Virginia Beach 

"Thanks so much - our kitchen is now complete. I really love what you did and our bathroom is also great." - B. Muoio, Henrico

"Rather than go with an expensive bathroom re-fit, we saved a fortune on our bathtub and vanity resurface. Now we can afford to go on a vacation cruise." - S. Hampton, Midlothian

"Both our kitchen and bathroom countertops look fabulous, we are very pleased with the finished product, it truly looks like granite. We were so impressed with your work and friendliness. You were so professional, but still took the time to explain things to us." - W. Siurna, Richmond


At Stone Effects, we offer an array of Granite Stone Finishes for Less than half the cost of replacement!

Our eco-friendly coating is applied directly to your existing: Kitchen Countertop, Bathroom Vanity, Wall Tile, Ceramic Floor Tile or Bathtub.

Our innovative industrial coating is the hardest material on the market. It is scratch and stain proof, resistant to chips and can endure extreme heat temperatures - any object taken from the oven and placed directly onto the counter will not affect the finish!

Our easy to clean finishes completely covers chips, burns and seams on your existing counter.


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